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friendly’s solutions - based on superior technology and a decade of hands-on experience around the world - meet the needs of today’s carriers and broadband service providers … flexibly and cost-effectively, offering the best roi on the market. our sales and marketing partner programs enable you to enhance your offerings, reach new markets, and increase your profits - while providing state-of-the-art solutions for your customers. take advantage of our knowledge and experience - and our dedication to customer service. leverage the unique opportunity to answer today’s global need for tr-069-based cpe remote management solutions.

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  • System Integrators:
    Re-sell, deploy and support our CPE remote management solutions (TR-069)
  • Distributors:
    Sell our product lines to Carriers and Service Providers
  • Representatives:
    Open doors to new customers and opportunities
  • Suppliers of Complementary Products (e.g., OSS, Billing, CRM, DSLAM, CPE):
    Through close cooperation and mutual marketing, create new opportunities in untapped markets