Friendly Technologies Launches New Wi-Fi Optimization Package

幸运飞艇聊天直播软件friendly technologies, a leading tr-069 and iot company, announced today the launch of its new wi-fi optimization package. friendly's wi-fi optimization package is a comprehensive and advanced set of tools for the prevention, detection, and resolution of wi-fi problems. it supports standard cpe, dual band routers, and wireless mesh devices.

friendly's wi-fi optimization toolset includes:

  • New features added to Friendly's TR-069 Call Center Portal – For speedy diagnostics and the resolution of Wi-Fi related issues
  • Friendly Connect, the end-user mobile app for Wi-Fi optimization – a self-help application that helps users follow simple steps for Wi-Fi diagnostics and repair

by launching this new set of tools, friendly technologies enables service providers to:

  • Quickly identify and resolve Wi-Fi related problems
  • Dramatically reduce call handling times at support centers
  • Reduce the number of calls to CSRs – by means of Friendly’s Wi-Fi optimization app
  • Improve the quality of triple play services
  • Increase customer satisfaction, thereby reducing churn

"this comprehensive wi-fi optimization toolset was designed to solve a very acute problem that most of our csp customers are facing today – the prevalence of complaints to call centers that stem from wi-fi related issues,” said ilan migdal, ceo of friendly technologies.

幸运飞艇聊天直播软件migdal continued, “wi-fi has become extremely prominent. people are using wi-fi at home – on laptops, mobile phones, and smart devices that source internet from home wi-fi networks, and these become congested. we are excited to introduce our new set of tools that helps csps prevent, detect, and resolve wi-fi related problems in a timely manner and save on support costs.”